We are pleased to be able to bring you the great Gan Izzy experience again this summer. 

In light if the Coronavirus we worked hard to create a program that we can offer the community. Below is a summary of the program details.   

- For rising Pre-k through rising 6th grade.

- Special Middle School Girls program (rising 7-9)

- From June 29 - July 24

- Hours are from 9:30am-2:00pm (4 yr olds 9:30am-1:30pm)

- Entire program will be on site (no field trips)

- Small bunks (groups) of 10 children

- Limited space available 


New procedures for this summer 

(to read the general camp information from previous years which also apply to this summer click here)

Note: Below is a brief overview and summary of the Covid-19 modifications for this summer. The full details will be provided in the 2020 Covid19 Parent Handbook. 

1. Ages:
This summer our program will only be accepting children from rising Pre-k through rising 6th grade (boys and girls) and Middle School girls through rising 9th

2. Hours:
Camp hours will be 9:30am-2:00pm. (4 year olds 9:30am-1:30pm). 

3. Carpool:
Morning carpool will begin at 9:30am. No campers will be allowed to be dropped off prior to 9:30am. Afternoon carpool will begin at 2:00pm.

When campers arrive their temperature will be taken. Any camper with fever will not be allowed to attend until 72 hours after being fever free. 

Children will then be escorted to their group by the staff. Parents will not be allowed to get out of their cars.  

4. Swimming:
The children will swim in small groups in our pool.

5. Field Trips:
All activities this summer will be held on site. Instead of field trips we will have more special activities, shows and entertainers at camp.

6. Facilities:
The children will be using our indoor and outdoor facilities. We will have plenty of water bottles on hand for the children and our custodial staff will constantly be cleaning the building.

7. Swimming : The children will go swimming at least three times a week at our swimming pool on site. 

8. Capacity:
The bunks will have 10 children per bunk. We will be at a limited capacity so please sign up soon.

9. Office:
Our office and building are closed for walk ins. You can reach Kim at any time by phone or email. 

10. Refunds: In the event a child gets sick and is not able to attend camp, we will work with the family towards a prorated refund. 

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